5 Monsoon Must-Haves for Your Maternity Wardrobe

  • Monsoon Essentials For your Maternity Wardrobe,
  • Sep 04, 2021

Year after year, pregnant women struggle to find maternity wear that keeps them calm, cool, and comfortable during the monsoon season.

Luckily, we at Mystere Paris boast a range of pregnancy clothes, flawlessly combining comfort and style.

Check it out:

1. Classic Maternity Cardigans

Remember, you’re not only responsible for your health but also the health of your unborn child.

Unfortunately, dark clouds and rainy days = excess mosquito breeding. These pests can trigger illnesses like malaria and dengue.

Thus, it’s best to wear a cardigan or jacket when you step out. They keep you warm and cozy even when the winds are harsh.

The best part? These light covers can be used during nursing as well.

2. Stylish Maternity Skirts

During the monsoon, updating your wardrobe with some classy skirts is a must, especially if you travel to work on a daily basis.

At Mystere Paris, we have several maternity bottoms, versatile enough to be paired with dozens of tops/blazers. Explore a range of knee-length skirts for every occasion, be it work, brunch, or an upcoming baby shower.

3. Magnificent Maternity Dresses

For easy-breezy evenings, we suggest opting for a colourful maternity dress or gown to add a pop of excitement to your monsoon wardrobe.

You can also check out a range of nursing gowns or maxi dresses, ideal for breastfeeding, on our website. At the end of the day, we recommend choosing what makes you comfortable.

4. Magical Maternity Leggings

Maternity leggings are a crucial investment for every expecting mom.

Why? Well, these cotton bottoms possess stretchable waistbands to accommodate one's growing belly while allowing the skin to breathe.

Plus, they double up as home wear, loungewear, or even office wear.

The best part? They can be paired with anything and everything - from camisoles to tops to formal shirts.

5. Smart Maternity Shorts

Looking for more go-to pregnancy wear options for expecting women during the monsoon season? Look no further. Lounge shorts are here to save the day.

These airy bottoms are perfect for a lazy weekend in bed. Plus, their elasticated waistbands provide snug belly support.

You can also opt for funky printed or classic coloured shorts. The choices at Mystere Paris are endless!

There you have it. You’re ready for a new season and a fresh wardrobe.

In case you’re searching for comfortable and stylish maternity wear online, don’t forget to check out Mystere Paris’ wide range - right from lounge pants to day dresses.

With an array of prints and colours to select from, we’re positive our collection will blow you away.

Happy shopping.

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