7 Pyjama Sets Perfect for the Monsoon Season

If there's one thing lockdown has taught us, it's the fact that buying pyjama sets is always a good idea.

Plus, we at Mystere Paris have a newfound respect for loungewear and nightwear due to prolonged indoor confinement, which, let's be honest, isn't changing anytime soon.

So, as the monsoon approaches, treat yourself to these seven pyjama sets; perfect for rainy days:

1. Mystere Paris Cute Cocktail Print Pyjama Set

First up on our list of the best pyjamas for the monsoon season is a Cute Cocktail Print Pyjama Set.

As the name suggests, this loungewear has a classic look and feel while maintaining utmost comfort.

It’s made from soft, breathable cotton fabric with a stylish fit, ensuring comfort for hours on end.

2. Mystere Paris Classic Striped Pyjama Set

If simple pyjamas aren’t your thing, give these striped pyjamas a try!

This trendy night suit is not only attractive but also exudes an international look and feel.

That’s not all. An antibacterial “Hygi Wash” is conducted on this garment to keep viruses and bacteria away, ensuring utmost comfort and safety.

3. Mystere Paris Cosy Top and Pyjama Set

We understand that different people have different preferences.

When buying luxury nightwear online, sometimes, all you see are those classic shirts and pyjama sets, which might be comfortable but just aren’t your thing.

So if you want the most comfortable sleep experience, this top and night suit set is for you. With it, decadent beauty sleep is guaranteed.

Plus, the shirt, crafted with soft, breathable fabric, short sleeves, a round neck, and an overall flattering fit, adds a pop of colour to your sleep space.

4. Mystere Paris Comfy Yellow Cotton Pyjama Set

Are you looking for nightwear that matches your personality?

If yes, then this comfy yellow cotton pyjama set is your new best friend!

Enveloped with a funky giraffe print; these bottoms are thoroughly washed before delivery to keep viruses and bacteria away.

5. Mystere Paris Cute Cactus Print Capri Set

If you’re a capri fan, you don’t want to miss this loungewear set.

Our quirky, comfy ensemble will add an element of charm to your wardrobe while maintaining its style factor.

The graphic cactus print, along with the text “Hug Me I’m Cute,” will surely make anyone drool with jealousy.

6. Mystere Paris Peach Cotton Pyjama Set

The cuteness doesn’t end here!

If you love the colour pink, this peach cotton pyjama set is a must-have. Not only is it stylish, but it also has an international look and feel.

The soft, breathable cotton fabric ensures utmost comfort while providing a stylish fit. Not to forget, the cute giraffe print on the shirt’s front pocket adds a touch of childlike innocence.

7. Mystere Paris Stylish Cactus Print Pyjama Set

If you love experimenting with contrasting colours, this stylish cactus print cotton pyjama set is for you.

The tea-green shirt paired with striking blue pyjamas and a cute cactus print is simply everything.

You can find all the outfits mentioned above plus a range of nightwear online on our website!

Sweet dreams !

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