Bedtime Stories

How to be your very own sleeping beauty!

Have you ever wondered why the term Sleeping Beauty makes sense centuries after it was written? It has nothing to do with the story or love. It simply has to do with Sleep, the most essential and most misused act that we need in order to survive daily.

Most of us go through daily life placing importance on work, family, friends, outing etc. We never consider sleep or fit in sleep in our schedule. Sleep is just something we have to do almost like a chore. What we don’t realize is 1/3rd of our lives are spent sleeping, if we sleep the right amount. You know that all too familiar fuzzy feeling in your brain where you can’t focus or feel tired all the time? That’s your body’s cry for sleep. Besides, is there anything more inviting than your bed at the end of a day?

Here are a few tips to help you sleep better and make sleep time fun

1. The Ultimate Sleep Cave – Keep your bedroom décor to a minimal. Quality and comfort are the most important things. Light colored bed linen, blackout curtains, the right pillow and mattress for you are all the right ingredients to sleep like a baby

2. Mood lighting – Just getting into your comfy Pyjama suit might not cut it. You could switch to soft, yellow lights post sunset. If you must read before sleeping, use a bedside reading lamp so it doesn’t disturb others and is not too bright. The right kind of lighting before sleep time induces good sleep.

3. Sleepy Essence – Essential oils like lavender have a calming effect and help you sleep better. You can light scented candles or use reed diffusers. A small act that will transform your bedroom and the quality of your sleep for the better.

4. Clothes maketh the sleep – This might sound strange but what you sleep in contributes to good sleep or not. The body recuperates while sleeping. The nightwear you wear aids in the same. Loose, cotton sleep dresses, pyjama sets or sleep shorts are the ideal garments to wear when you snooze.

5. Switch Off – The hardest thing to do in this list unfortunately for us today is to switch off. We do silly things like sleeping with our phones near our head, watching content on our laptops late into the night and even reading on tabs. This disturbs the sleep cycle. An hour before bedtime, switch off and just enjoy your surroundings.

None of these steps are hard to do; we just need to make up our mind that sleep is important. Once we do, you will see the magic it weaves into your life. You will feel energetic, become efficient, happier and definitely feel like a beauty with enough sleep. And, as far as nightwear is concerned, Mystere Paris is all you need – our Pyjama suits, sleep dresses, sleep shorts and loungewear are soft, comfortable and chic – the stuff of dreams really. Check out the collection now. Nighty-night!